About Ava

Ava Justin, is an American and Kenyan Award -Winning teen Actress, Screenwriter turned filmmaker and Producer. Ava being a go-getter at such young age, dived in the social media world where she helped create opportunities for herself, Building a social media following of over 2 million followers across platforms where she shares what’s she’s up to, and where Brands find her with Brand partnership deals. She is the Creative Director and Producer who founded Ava Justin Productions . She has build a great team and is proud to bring meaningful stories and uplifting messages through film. Ava started writing at the age of 10 and has been a professional actress for most her life where she got to learn a lot on set, to starting her own film production company. She has since Co-Written, Produced and Executed Produced various movies, among which are full length feature films “Joy of Horses” which received a distribution deal and Cruel Summer which is currently in post production. A long with several other projects currently, in pre- production and developmental stage.


Ava Justin Production Company’s mission, is to strive always to create films that inspire action, producing by passion, defending projects with commitment, conviction and dedication. Ava Justin Productions, aims to produce Projects that move audience call to action, creating inspirational films and digital marketing tactics that communicate a mission, vision, and services that embody our shared values of Impact, Beauty, Innovation, Wholeness, and overcoming Adversity as well as making sure inclusiveness is maintained.
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