Ava Justin, is an American and Kenyan Award -Winning teen Actress, Screenwriter turned filmmaker and Producer. At a young age, Ava dived in the social media world where she helped create opportunities for herself, Building a social media following of over 2 million followers across platforms where she shares what’s she’s up to, and where she collaborates with Brand deals. She is the Creative Director and Producer who founded Ava Justin Productions . She has build a great team and is proud to bring meaningful stories and uplifting messages through film. Ava started writing at the age of 10 and has been a professional actress for most her life where she got to learn a lot on set, to starting her own film production company. She has since Co-Written, Produced and Executed Produced various movies, among which are full length feature films “Joy of Horses” which received a distribution deal and Cruel Summer which is currently in post production. A long with several other projects currently, in pre- production and developmental stage.

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